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Waiting For Summer

Posted by Heather
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20Jul 11

     I grew up in Southwestern Ontario, and I am used to nice, hot Summers.  I have many wonderful memories of trips to the beach at one of the nearby lakes: laying on the soft, warm sand, swimming, laughing, and having fun.  We would play beach Volleyball, have a picnic, or just bask in the warm rays, and relax.

      When I was 16, our family moved to B.C.  My parents said it would be a “milder climate” – not such hot Summers, or such cold Winters.  Well, I loved the heat, and I also loved the beautiful, sparkling, fluffy white snow, in the Winter time. ( Christmas is just not the same when it’s green out. )  In short, it was a big adjustment for me living out here after spending so many years in Ontario.

     Fast – forward to today.  This has to be the absolute worst “Summer” I have ever had since living in B.C.  The temperatures have been ridiculously low, most days have been full of grey skies, wind, and showers.  The sun has come out a handful of times – I have literally walked upstairs to put on shorts and a tank top, and by the time I get to the deck, the sun has gone under the clouds again – no joke.

     We love to go out in a kayak, go for a walk, or a long hike, but these are not things you want to do when it’s cool, windy or rainy out.  I can’t believe it’s 2/3 of the way through July – this is just crazy !  I had some time off in June, and had a lot of outdoor plans, but none of them happened, because of the lousy weather.  Too bad you can’t get a refund on your time off from work if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

     I am really hoping that the sun will come out – and stay out – very soon, and for a while.  There are a lot of people here feeling emotionally drained who could use some sunshine to perk them up.  ( and yes, of course, they will wear their sunscreen, and be smart about it ! )

     What I am really longing for is some hot sun, palm trees, and a comfy lounge chair – somewhere where there is no wind to ruin the amazing heat.  Maybe I should just move to Vegas … 😉  I can dream, can’t I ?

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