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22May 11

       A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new singing competition show that we had started watching, called “The Voice”.  The thing that appealed most to us about the concept of it was that people were judged on just that – their voice – and not on anything else.  In the “Blind Audition” rounds, coaches competed to convince the contestants with the best voices to be on their team.

     The last couple of weeks, they have entered into “The Battle Rounds” , where each coach must pit 2 of their own team members against each other.  They sing a duet, and the coach decides which one stays on their team ( thus advancing to the “Live Broadcast” stage ), and which one goes home.

     So far, our favourite singer from the battle Rounds is Casey Weston.  She sang “Leather and Lace” against her teammate, and we think she did an amazing job.  If you like Stevie Nicks, you may want to watch Casey in action – her voice is incredible, especially for one so young.

     We are looking forward to watching the next Battle Rounds on Tuesday night on NBC.  If you haven’t already, you should really check it out.


  1. Richard, May 26, 2011:

    I still have to say I think the Judges are hearing something completely different then us here at home. Maybe bad sound mixing on the behalf of the TV show editors. I don’t know but some of the people they let go, the Judges should maybe go back to turning their chairs around during the battle rounds and really start listening to the voices only again. P.S. I see A lot of potential record deals being sent out those doors from week to week.

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