Octopus Documentary

Posted by Heather

     This Thursday night at 8:00 on CBC ( both Standard Definition and HD ) there is going to be a documentary about an incredible underwater creature – the Octopus.  The reason I am mentioning this, is that my husband and his friends were involved with this project, during the parts that were filmed here in British Columbia. They worked with the French film crew, and it was an amazing experience for them all.  I have heard many stories about the things they observed while working on this show, and can’t wait to actually see it for myself.

     The show is David Suzuki’s ” The Nature Of Things “, and this episode is called ” Aliens Of The Deep Sea “.

     I hope you will take the time to watch it – I know I won’t miss it.


Jérôme Julienne & John Jackson photo by Neil McDaniel

Jérôme Julienne & John Jackson photo by Neil McDaniel

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