Road Trip

Posted by Heather
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30Aug 09

     I just got home from a road trip earlier tonight, and am in the process of unpacking and catching up on laundry …. but wanted to let everyone know that I am home now, and will try and catch up on my e-mails, Facebook messages etc. over the next few days.  I did have a laptop with me on the road, but since I was on holidays, kept the computer stuff to an absolute bare minimum.  Thanks so much to those of you who kept in touch while I was away – it was awesome to hear from you !

     I’ve been away for 8 days, and we had a great time, especially considering the trip was rather last – minute.  I have a couple of thousand pictures to sort through, but I will pick some of the ones I like best, and post them with another blog post soon, talking about our trip, where we went, what we saw and did etc.

     I think I’ll be heading to bed early tonight, but I’ll write more soon.

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