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10Apr 09

Pretty much everyone has something they enjoy doing that relieves the stress of daily life.  When I lived in the city, my favourite way to “let go” of anything negative in my life, was to hit the dancefloor at local clubs.  Any of my friends can tell you that I LOVE to dance.  (“Love” probably isn’t even a strong enough word. ) When I am dancing to music I love, surrounded by a few friends, with lights flashing – I feel completely free.  It’s as if nothing bad can touch you, and you can absolutely be yourself, “let go”, and let the music transport you to a better place  … what an incredible feeling.

Now that I have relocated to The Sunshine Coast, well, they don’t exactly have clubs up here… so going out dancing is a little bit more difficult.  It’s alright, though, because I have found something else that I am really enjoying that helps get rid of stress – hiking.  O.k., once the people that know me well stop laughing after reading that –  I’m not exactly known for being what one would label an “outdoorsy” type – I hope they will keep on reading.  There are some fabulous places to hike up here, and we are taking full advantage of living in such a beautiful area.

Two weekends ago, we hiked to our favourite spot, out at Smuggler’s Cove, and just last weekend, went to the Skookumchuck.  It is fresh air – and believe me, the air up here is very fresh – exercise, a great way to spend time together and talk, or just enjoy the sounds of nature. We really enjoy taking pictures along the way, as well.  The reward, at the end of the trail, is always a breathtaking view of the water, while sitting atop a big rock.  It is easy to forget anything you had been worrying about when you are surrounded by such gorgeous scenery.

By the time you get back home, your calves may be aching a bit, but you really feel like you accomplished something.  You end up feeling great, and it sure makes for a peaceful, sound sleep later that night.  As the weather continues to get warmer, I am looking forward to exploring more hiking trails up here.  It’s wonderful to have found another active way to let go of anything negative.

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