Keep It Coming

Posted by Heather
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21Jan 09

     I continue to be overwhelmed by all the e-mails and Facebook messages that I get from friends, family, and fans, asking about what I’m working on musically, and when my next song will be released.  It really feels great to know that so many people care, and are interested.  I never get tired of answering questions, or talking about my music, since it is something that I am really excited about.

     I love hearing from all of you, and appreciate your support, and words of encouragement.  Many of you have, in the past, used word of mouth, or links from your own sites, to direct people to where they can buy my 1st CD.  It’s pretty cool when your own friends are actively promoting you, without even having been asked.  Stuff like that just blows me away.  You know who you are, and you know how much your actions mean to me.

     I may have changed genres for the time being, but I hope that all of you will continue to let others know when you like the songs I put out.  I always love hearing your comments, as well, so please let me know your thoughts.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported me on this journey – I look forward to having you by my side as we move forward with my music this year.

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