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15Sep 08

    Many of you have been asking me lately when you will be able to purchase my latest song.  I thank you for your interest, and really appreciate your patience while things were getting set up.  I have just been informed that my new single, ” (Keep Feeling) Fascination ” is now available online on various sites.  If you visit my MUSIC page, you will find direct links to all the sites where you can download the song.

     Whichever site you go to, there will likely be an area where they ask you to Rate and/or Review the song.  Please take a moment to do this, as it will not only let others know what you think, but it will provide me with feedback, as well, which is both helpful, and important to me.

     Thankyou again to all of you for your support and encouragement thus far – I really couldn’t do this without you !


  1. Tara, September 15, 2008:

    Sounds great, Heather! And of course, it does bring back a fair number of memories.
    Kudos to you for leaving the day job behind and pursuing your dreams. xo tara, tom, and lila

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