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2Sep 08

     On Friday, we made a trip into Vancouver so that I could record my next song – the 80’s ballad.  I hadn’t been back to town for close to 3 months, and wasn’t sure if it would feel strange, after so much time away.  Once we arrived, it felt totally normal, since we had lived there for so many years before – the only thing that really stuck out for us was the traffic and noise – we don’t get as much of that stuff up on The Sunshine Coast.

     I arrived at the Studio late morning, and Jarome and I took a bit of time to ” catch up ” on each others’ lives, before getting to work on the song.  It was great to see him, and hear all his news.

     We got right to recording after that, and things went really well.  I absolutely love this particular ballad, and I believe that helped a lot in terms of what I was able to “give” to it.  I find it makes a huge difference when you are doing a song that you absolutely adore – things sound so much better when you are able to just ” let go “, and give it real emotion.  Jarome was incredibly encouraging and supportive ( as always ) and let me know when things sounded especially good to him.  His patience and calm demeanor always help me reach my ” comfort zone ” more quickly each time I work with him.  That’s when the good stuff comes out, and the power in the voice emerges, after the initial nerves fade away.

     We worked on the melody for quite a while, then took a much-needed break for lunch.  After re-fuelling, I wasn’t sure how much more work we’d be able to do, ( having just eaten – not  the best time to sing, obviously ) but, amazingly, some of the best stuff was recorded after our break.  I think just having taken the time to sit and relax, chat about the project etc. got me into an even better, more comfortable place.  This song has a lot of harmonies and back-up vocals which, in the original, were done by other people, but I absolutely wanted to attempt all the parts myself, and had practiced them all, so we decided to see how it went.  We were both very happy with the results …

     Later in the evening, my husband and I met up with Jarome and his lovely wife Felisha, and the 4 of us went for a wonderful dinner together.  It was awesome to be able to spend some time with both of them again, after being away for several months. 

     All in all, it was a productive day in the Studio, and a relaxing evening spent with good friends, sharing good food, and laughter.  It was the perfect ending to an already amazing day.

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