80’s Ballad

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10Aug 08

     With my 1st single ( the 80’s Dance Track ) about to be released any day, I am moving on to my next song, which is a ballad from the 80’s.  I will be going into the Studio  this month to record it, and am looking forward to a visit with my Producer, Jarome Matthew, whom I have not seen in a couple of months, since I moved away from Vancouver.

     It will be great to get back into the Studio again – it’s always feels so amazing – as if the rest of the world fades away while I’m in there, and all I can feel is positive, creative energy – very cool.  It’s always difficult to leave when the session is over, because I love being there, doing what I love to do, working with a good friend and producer whom I trust completely  – it’s just such a positive experience in every way. 

     Recording the 80’s Ballad is going to be great, but I need to get past one line in the song, that so far, in rehearsal, always makes me well up … any of you singers out there know how hard it is to sing when you are crying, or even choked up with emotion … but I guess that’s a good sign that the song really means something to me, and touches me deeply. I think it would be kind of silly to sing songs that you don’t  “connect ” to, or relate to.   That would seem phony to me, and I don’t play that game.  In the past, I have done a couple of songs that weren’t really ” me “, and it just didn’t feel right, and my close friends could always tell which songs I enjoyed singing, and which ones I didn’t …  I don’t ever want to be in that kind of position again, and I just won’t.  ( I won’t allow it, and neither would Jarome. ) Life is too short to waste time doing anything that doesn’t bring you ( and hopefully others ) joy.

      All of my favourite songs from the 80’s bring back memories for me, most of which are good ones.  I guess it helps that they knew how to write songs back then – they actually cared about the quality of the music and lyrics, and didn’t just pump out songs as quickly as possible and try and appeal to a ” mainstream ” audience like they often do now.  Maybe I’m a little biased, but I think some of the best music ever was in the 80’s …:)

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