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6Jul 08

     Well, it’s been a few months since I took my time off from the “Day Job” , and much has changed since then.  I ended up going back for a few weeks, but that only made me see even more clearly how truly unhappy it was making me.  That time off changed everything for me, on so many levels, in so many ways.  I ended up giving my 2 weeks’ notice, and after 11 years of days blurring one into the next … it was over.  I vowed to myself that I never wanted to feel that way again.  It was time for some big changes in my life.

      Not only did I leave my “Day Job”, but we left the tiny apt. we had been living in for many years, with all the accompanying noise. ( people in the alley, partying neighbours etc. )  It was a nice little apt., but again, like the job, it was time for a change.  It was too small for 2 people, plus it was really hard to rehearse properly, as I was always concerned about possibly disturbing a neighbour. 

     We also left the city – yes, the city I loved as a teenager, the city I always wanted to live in.  I had a lot of fun times there over the years, but again, it was time for a change.  We wanted a fresh start, and a less stressful, more peaceful, pace of life.

      That was at the end of May, and I wanted to wait a little while, and have some time to let it all sink in, before I wrote about it … but now, looking back, I can honestly say that all these decisions have been good ones, so far. 

      We have a new home, in a new town, and it has a lot more room, including a dedicated room where I can rehearse, and not bother anyone.  This is very important to me, as is my music.  The scenery here is absolutely beautiful, the people are down-to-earth, and the feeling is one of peacefulness and serenity.  It is just what I needed at this point in my life.  I have lost far too many friends in their early 40’s due to stressful lifestyles, and I just couldn’t do it any more.  It may seem like a lot of changes at one time, but we did what we needed to do.  My friends who have called have said they can already ” hear it in my voice “, how much more relaxed I am now.

     Of course, I miss my close friends, but that’s not even an issue – real friends will always keep in touch ( and visit !!! ) – time and distance can never change that.   Besides, it’s not as if I won’t be going back to the city once in a while … 🙂


  1. Jarome Matthew, July 7, 2008:

    I’m so glad that you have made changes necessary for you to be happy! That is excellent news. But of course I’m disappointed you won’t be as close anymore.

    Good to see you blogging more Heather!

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