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Darryl Kromm

Posted by Heather
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19Jun 08

     I am very excited to let everyone know that the backup vocals for my single ( the re-worked 80’s dance track ) were recorded a few days ago.  The best part is, the man who came into the Studio this week, is someone I have admired for a very long time.  Darryl Kromm, probably best known to many from his time in the 80’s Band, “Strange Advance”  ( which had such hits as “We Run” ) is involved with our current project, in several ways.  This, in itself, is absolutely amazing to me, but the fact that he agreed to sing backup vocals for one or more tracks has me nothing short of over the moon.

      Darryl has a phenomenal voice, and is a consummate professional.  He is able to nail a song in a number of minutes, and is a producer’s dream to work with in the Studio.  ( just ask my producer, Jarome Matthew ) Not only does he still have an ethereal voice, but he is an accomplished songwriter – something he has continued to do over the years.  I have been fortunate enough to hear several of the songs he has written that have not yet been released, and they are nothing short of brilliant.

      It is an absolute honour to be working with someone of his calibre in the music industry, and I would like to publicly thank Darryl for being involved with our current project.  I am very much looking forward to working on other tracks with him.  Thankyou, Darryl, for sharing your talent ( and time ) with us – it is very much appreciated !!!

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In The Studio

Posted by Heather
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4Jun 08

       I went into the Studio a couple of weeks ago, and recorded the 80’s dance track. It went really well.  I have to say, working with Jarome is  such a pleasure.  He made me totally relaxed and comfortable, and gave me as much time as I needed.  Luckily, we even had time left over to go for our usual lunch, and some dessert, to celebrate recording our first track together.  What a great day.  I am so fortunate to be working with someone I consider a good friend –  someone I have known and trusted for many years.  It makes such a difference when you feel completely at ease.

      Once the backup vocals are done for the dance track, I’ll let everyone know.  Right now, we’re working on an 80’s Power Ballad, and after that … well, that’s a bit of a surprise ….

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