So, I’m sitting here in Jarome’s studio, after a great lunch together. We thought we’d be a little bit naughty, and even had some dessert – I had cheesecake, and it was fabulous ! Now he’s tempting me with these little chocolatey cookie things from Japan – yummy ! What the heck, we have reason to celebrate – it’s a brand new year, he’s launched my new website, and we’re working on some exciting new music together.

  I hope that everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve.  I always love the start of a new year – it feels as though the possibilities are almost endless … and they are, of course.  It’s entirely up to each one of us to make things happen, and I fully intend to do just that in 2008 ! 

  I wish all of you a fantastic New Year, and I look forward to letting you know all about the music Jarome and I are working on together.  We are both very excited about our project, and we hope you’ll check in here to find out how things are going along the way …

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